VIDEO: Cowl Neck Hi-Lo Poncho Progress

In a previous post, I shared that I was attempting to make a hi-lo poncho, or what is also known as a cowl-neck poncho. This desire to do so was inspired by a poncho made by Mariana Vail that I saw on her Etsy shop, and the fact that I couldn't find a pattern for any thing similar. (See Mariana's version below):

I could easily purchase one from Mariana, but it's not about having the product, but the joy of making one myself. So I ended up figuring out (or thinking that I figured out) how to make a version myself. I tried to explain my process in the original post, but it was getting a little convoluted. So check out the slide show I made with Pic Play Post, to demonstrate my progress/steps so far, which I also posted to my Instagram. Enjoy! I'll keep you updated on how things go.