Project in Progress: The Trippy Tunic by the Double Stitch Twins

As I previously mentioned in another post, I decided to start on the Trippy Tunic designed by the Double Stitch Twins. It seems like a nice tunic to wear over a fitted t-shirt, or a dress. Here's how the project was modeled on the Red Heart webpage featuring the pattern:

I love how roomy and flowing it is on the model, but since it's a one size fits all pattern, I know it will look differently on me. I'm full-figured, so this will probably be a more fitted tunic than a roomy tunic.

Well, I finished the front half of the tunic last night, using some yarn from my stash -- Caron Simply Soft yarn in dark gray and purple. I used the purple for the center colors, but stuck with the gray for the rest of the tunic. Since the purple is so dark, it's a little difficult to spot it, but I think I got a good view in the picture below.

After I finished this last night, I decided that I will either wear this with jeans and a fitted shirt, or give it to one of my nieces. I'll see, and once I decide, I'll post an updated outfit picture. Thanks for reading!

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