Finished Project: Sparkle Necklace by the Double Stitch Twins

After completing the Multi-Wear Poncho by the Double Stitch Twins, I decided to try another project by them, but one that was even easier, if you can believe it. It was the Sparkle & Shine Necklace, and the reason I chose it is because I actually needed some jewelry-like pieces for my wardrobe and personal fashion preferences. I love chunky neclaces and bauble pieces, but I don't really get to indulge that love right now, because of my current budget. So I figured a crochet necklace would be a great way to hold me over.

Still, I knew I didn't want to make just any old crochet necklace -- for me, it would need to look more fashionable to kitschy or stereotypically like crochet, if you get my drift. Once I found this pattern by the Double Stitch Twins, I knew I had found the perfect piece!

Here is what I made, using Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn! in Grapette.

Naturally, for this piece to stand out more, a sparkle yarn would be preferred, but regular yarn would do just fine as well. Here is an example from the Red Heart pattern:

All in all, I loved my final project and I immediately made plans to make another one, but modified to be a continuous chain that would result in more layers and perhaps be more like a scarf. I've finished it already, but I will post an update blog about that later. Stay tuned!

Also coming soon: My take on the Trippy Tunic, also by the Double Stitch Twins. Here is their version below. 

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