Finished Project: Multi-Wear Poncho by the Double Stitch Twins

After a very long hiatus, I am back. Not only to blogging, but to crocheting as well. It has been awhile for a variety of reasons, but the reason I have gotten back into crocheting is that I recently moved into a house, but opted not to get cable (to save money). Well, to keep myself occupied without going crazy, I have gotten back into hobbies that had gotten ignored in the past, because I was so busy at the time. One of those hobbies is crocheting, obviously. 

Anyways, my inaugural project upon returning to the art of crochet was the Multi-Wear Poncho by the Double Stitch Twins. It was a nice and easy project to reintroduce me to crocheting, since it wasn't that difficult. I ended up loving the color choices I made. Still, I initially did not like the way the poncho looked on me, since I'm full figured. Since then, I've figured out a way to wear it to my tastes. I'll post an outfit later. Until then, here are some shots of the project and finished product. 

Finished Poncho: 

The Two Sides of the Poncho, Before Being Sewn Together:

Side One of the Poncho:

Side Two of the Poncho:

Yarns Used:
Red Heart Super Saver in Marrakesh
Red Heart Super Saver in Pretty n Pink
Red Heart Super Saver in Shocking Pink

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