#FreestyleCrochetProject: Granny Square Shrug

Update: Above Picture Added

While scouring the web for free patterns, I realized that a lot of sites use the same basis for creating a shrug:
  • Crochet a rectangle or square
  • Fold it in half
  • Sew the left and right sides from the bottom, up to about halfway, allowing the unsewn parts to act as armholes. 
  • Weave in ends.
Here is a diagram to better explain what I mean:

After I realized how simple it is to make a shrug, I decided to freestyle a granny square, then use the basic steps above to create a granny square shrug. If you want an idea of how to make the granny square I made, see this motif pattern for an understanding (note: the linked pattern is for a small square, but I kept creating rounds according to the system established in the pattern). 

So, here is the finished granny square, folded in half, with the seams sewn as demonstrated in the diagram above. 

As you can see, I added blue border to the armholes, and around the bottom of one of the folded halves. Once the shrug is worn, that bottom border acts as the border of the neckline. Here is a picture of the shrug folded as it would be worn, to help you better understand what I mean. 

Once I get the perfect maxi dress to wear this with, I will update. 

Project in Progress: The Trippy Tunic by the Double Stitch Twins

As I previously mentioned in another post, I decided to start on the Trippy Tunic designed by the Double Stitch Twins. It seems like a nice tunic to wear over a fitted t-shirt, or a dress. Here's how the project was modeled on the Red Heart webpage featuring the pattern:

I love how roomy and flowing it is on the model, but since it's a one size fits all pattern, I know it will look differently on me. I'm full-figured, so this will probably be a more fitted tunic than a roomy tunic.

Well, I finished the front half of the tunic last night, using some yarn from my stash -- Caron Simply Soft yarn in dark gray and purple. I used the purple for the center colors, but stuck with the gray for the rest of the tunic. Since the purple is so dark, it's a little difficult to spot it, but I think I got a good view in the picture below.

After I finished this last night, I decided that I will either wear this with jeans and a fitted shirt, or give it to one of my nieces. I'll see, and once I decide, I'll post an updated outfit picture. Thanks for reading!

Finished Project: Sparkle Necklace by the Double Stitch Twins

After completing the Multi-Wear Poncho by the Double Stitch Twins, I decided to try another project by them, but one that was even easier, if you can believe it. It was the Sparkle & Shine Necklace, and the reason I chose it is because I actually needed some jewelry-like pieces for my wardrobe and personal fashion preferences. I love chunky neclaces and bauble pieces, but I don't really get to indulge that love right now, because of my current budget. So I figured a crochet necklace would be a great way to hold me over.

Still, I knew I didn't want to make just any old crochet necklace -- for me, it would need to look more fashionable to kitschy or stereotypically like crochet, if you get my drift. Once I found this pattern by the Double Stitch Twins, I knew I had found the perfect piece!

Here is what I made, using Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn! in Grapette.

Naturally, for this piece to stand out more, a sparkle yarn would be preferred, but regular yarn would do just fine as well. Here is an example from the Red Heart pattern:

All in all, I loved my final project and I immediately made plans to make another one, but modified to be a continuous chain that would result in more layers and perhaps be more like a scarf. I've finished it already, but I will post an update blog about that later. Stay tuned!

Also coming soon: My take on the Trippy Tunic, also by the Double Stitch Twins. Here is their version below. 

Finished Project: Multi-Wear Poncho by the Double Stitch Twins

After a very long hiatus, I am back. Not only to blogging, but to crocheting as well. It has been awhile for a variety of reasons, but the reason I have gotten back into crocheting is that I recently moved into a house, but opted not to get cable (to save money). Well, to keep myself occupied without going crazy, I have gotten back into hobbies that had gotten ignored in the past, because I was so busy at the time. One of those hobbies is crocheting, obviously. 

Anyways, my inaugural project upon returning to the art of crochet was the Multi-Wear Poncho by the Double Stitch Twins. It was a nice and easy project to reintroduce me to crocheting, since it wasn't that difficult. I ended up loving the color choices I made. Still, I initially did not like the way the poncho looked on me, since I'm full figured. Since then, I've figured out a way to wear it to my tastes. I'll post an outfit later. Until then, here are some shots of the project and finished product. 

Finished Poncho: 

The Two Sides of the Poncho, Before Being Sewn Together:

Side One of the Poncho:

Side Two of the Poncho:

Yarns Used:
Red Heart Super Saver in Marrakesh
Red Heart Super Saver in Pretty n Pink
Red Heart Super Saver in Shocking Pink

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