Freestyle Crochet Inspired by Tracee Ellis Ross

I was perusing Pinterest yesterday and came across this picture of Tracee Ellis Ross:
I thought she looked stunningly beautiful in the picture: she has a serene, natural, bohemian air about her and I attribute that in part to the lovely head wrap bun she is rocking. Being that I do crochet, I decided to freestyle one from my head. 

All I did was crochet a basic hat: here is an example pattern by Red Heart:
Click Here for Pattern

As I finished a few rows, I would just try on the hat to see if it fit and stopped right above or near my ears. Once it did, I stopped crocheting, then crocheted two rectangle ties to the hat. Here is the finished product::

You can wrap the ties around the neck to act as a scarf/neck warmer

Tying the ties into a bun at the base of the neck.

Situating the bun at the forehead, for a turban look. 

Situating the bun over an ear, for a cuter effect. 

This first attempt is cute, but can definitely be improved. That is what I am currently working on.

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